Our lending process: the cornerstone to profitable lending

All of our loans are commercial transactions with real estate as collateral. We underwrite our own loans, which allows us to adapt loans based on risk and collateral rather than traditional bank criteria. We require borrowers to invest capital in all loans or properties. Our process also requires approval by an independent loan committee with a clear exit strategy. Our business structure enables us to control the take-out financing through residential and commercial lending products.

Financing solutions that lead to results for borrowers and investors

We put your investment to work immediately, lending on opportunistic deals we understand in markets we know. Our goal is to deliver consistent, value-driven performance and superior service. We offer a strong track record of successful lending transactions from underwriting through closing and payoff, closing more than 100 loans totaling over $25 million since we began in 2010.

Our investment relationship with you

We use investor funds to increase our overall lending capacity. We leverage these funds with bank lines and other lending sources to increase the overall profitability of each loan transaction.

We close an average of four loans each month, keeping our loan portfolio fresh. Our loan terms average six months with short-term expansion options. You will receive a 10% annual return on your minimum investment of $50,000. The principal investment is returned in full after two or four years (with extension).