About Maine Capital Group

We are a team of experienced loan professionals. We deliver residential and commercial lending solutions. We understand the opportunities that borrowing provides, as well as the complexities that deter others in our markets. We know our clients and we guide them through the process from opportunity to success. We see teamwork as essential to delivering on promises, and we understand the expectation of clear and timely communication.

Where others see problems . . . . . . We see Solutions

For clients, our partnership can mean financial stability, business prosperity, or simply family security; there is a story behind each client interaction. We partner with real estate professionals, attorneys, accountants, insurance agents and others to make the complex simple, and to make certain that goals are achieved. We understand that behind the precision of our process, we are a human business first.

Where others see numbers . . . . . . We see People

Our clients invest in more than real estate – they invest in the people and ideas that make a residential or commercial property a home for a family or a business. Our clients understand that value is created through quality work, but also through a thoughtful awareness of the cultural, environmental, and physical characteristics that make a place special. We strive to live and work in our own communities with that same awareness in mind; acknowledging that a difference can be made.

Where others see buildings . . . . . . We see Communities