Maine Capital Group (MCG) is a private capital lender specializing in providing real-estate secured loans to small and mid-sized commercial borrowers. Investor relationships range from $50,000 to $500,000 investments. Superior investment returns and the preservation of your invested capital guide our decisions daily.

“A niche investment with superior returns that should be a part of any investment portfolio. MCG’s investment offers true portfolio diversification with a  consistently strong historical return”
                                                      Jeff L., MCG investor since 2012

“Its fun to invest in real estate! Maine Capital Group offers me the opportunity to participate and invest in real estate deals that, in my own network, I would have no access to otherwise”
                                                     Adam M., MCG investor since 2014


Investor Highlights:

  • Fixed 10% annual return paid monthly.

  • Communication through quarterly account statement and investment summary.

  • Diversification of your investment portfolio; capturing local and regional real estate opportunities throughout Northern New England.

  • Simplicity of investment and redemption process, and the security of real estate asset collateral.

  • An experienced team of real estate lending executives with a proven track record of underwriting, closing, and servicing commercial loans.

  • MCG funding provides for job growth and economic development across local and regional business sectors of all types.

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