Short Term Bridge Loans

The reality is conventional lending isn’t always the answer. We get this, which is why we operate in a lending space not currently served by traditional banks due to increased underwriting standards. We offer non-traditional loans to clients who are in search of quick, straightforward solutions to meet their financial deadlines.

We underwrite our own loans, which allows us to adapt loans based on risk and collateral rather than traditional bank criteria. We require borrowers to invest capital in all loans or properties. Our process also requires approval by an independent loan committee with a clear exit strategy. Our business structure enables us to control the take-out financing through residential and commercial lending products.

Our clients include experienced investors, contractors, and business owners who understand the internal workings of the real estate system. We close an average of four loans each month, keeping our loan portfolio fresh. Our loan terms average six months with short-term extension options.

We offer a range of flexible solutions, always customized to meet your real estate financing needs, including:

  • New construction
  • Renovation loans (buy, hold, flip)
  • Operating capital
  • Capital improvement
  • Bridge loans (gap financing)

All of our products are collateralized by real estate with low loan-to-value ratio.


Give us a call to discuss individual loan parameters and terms.